About Carmine’s

Carmine Sr. came to the United States in 1956 from Campobasso, Italy. He worked in a meat packing plant in Denver, Colorado until the plant shut down in the mid-1970’s. Carmine and his wife Lois decided to take what they knew best and open their own Italian Meat Market in Lakewood, Colorado in 1976.

Carmine Lonardo Sr.

Carmine’s started off making 50 pounds of sausage a week and they are now making over 10,000 pound a week. Even today, Carmine’s makes all their sausage the old fashioned way, in 50 lb. batches to maintain the quality and exceptional taste. Many of the finest restaurants in the Denver metropolitan area serve Carmine Lonardo’s meats and sausage.

Carmine Lonardo's Specialty Meats & Deli